Pakistan Passport Application

Pakistani Passport (MRP) renewal applications will be available at our offices from Tuesday 1st November 2016.

The process is currently ONLY available for RENEWAL applications if your Machine Readable Passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months.

Walk-in service will be available for all applicants Monday to Thursday 10am to 1pm, please ensure you attend the office with all original documents for your application:

Over 18 Applicants

1- Valid computerised NADRA NIC/NICOP

2- Expired Machine Readable Pakistani Passport or Passport with a validity of 7 Months or less.

Under 18 Applicants

Please contact the office for details on documents required

Photos and finger prints will be taken by us during the application process. Fees for the application varies depending on the passport “type” you wish to obtain; Normal, Urgent, 36, 72 or 100 Page, home delivery or Consulate Collection etc… either pop into our offices during our opening times for further information or call the office during our opening times.


10 years, 36 page ordinary passport fee is currently £110 (payable cash) .. this includes the Government of Pakistan Fee, banking charges and our fee of £20 per application.

Pakistani Passport (MRP) Renewal Service

The services we supply in the application of  a Pakistani Passport for applicants is readily available for those that wish to do so themselves using the Government of Pakistan (Directorate General of Immigration and Passports) online system. Our staff are in no way associated with the Government of Pakistan or employed by them, we simply offer our services to those that wish to make the application process easy for themselves.