UK Passport Application

As well as the “normal” method of application (Application forms from local Post Office etc..) the UK Passport Agency now allow for online applications for renewal, replacement, new, update applications.

Although the process of application is readily available online for ANYONE to access and utilize we at iSolutions (LUTON) are aware that the process can still be somewhat daunting for a person who is not “computer savvy”. With this in mind we are proud to offer our services to aide you in applying for your passport online.

Documentation required during an application process varies dependant on application type, therefore it is best to visit our office prior to starting an application so that you can be informed on what to bring with you at time of application.

UK Passport Fees

Fees can vary dependant on application type and are also subject to change by the UK Passport Agency therefore for the latest prices please visit their fees page:   PASSPORT FEES

Please note that any fees payable to the UK Passport Agency must be paid by the applicant direct to them using the applicants debit/credit card, Our fee for helping you in the application process £20 which is payable by cash at time of application.

UK Passport Application Service

The services we supply in the application of a passport for applicants is readily available for those that wish to do so themselves using the UK Passport Agency online system. Our staff are in no way associated with the UK Passport Agency or employed by them, we simply offer our services to those that wish to make the application process easy for themselves.